e-Marketing, also known as Electronic Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing, is the act of using the Internet and email to increase awareness of your services, business or organisation.

It can encompass many things….

  • having a website
  • listing your website with local and niche directories, Google Maps,…
  • getting your website to the top of Search Engine results pages
  • advertising via Search Engines – Google Adwords, Yahoo…
  • advertising on other websites – banner ads
  • building and maintaining an email address list of clients and interested parties
  • keeping in contact with that email database, via email newsletters
  • viral marketing – sending out something so good that people forward it on to others
  • providing RSS and other “feeds” so that people can monitor new items on your website
  • having a regularly updated Blog
  • building up a community around your Blog and interacting with it
  • making appropriate use of internet Forums
  • enhancing your website with audio, video and other technologies
  • ensuring your website is available via new technologies, such as mobile devices
  • making use of Social Networking sites – MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube….

This list is constantly growing as people find more and more innovative uses for the internet.  And we’re all constantly learning.  But this list will do for now.

Is there anything here which might be worth trying for your business or organisation? 

I suggest you start with one or two ideas which appeal to you yourself – you may be a big fan of Google Maps or YouTube, or maybe you can see the real benefit in a regular email newsletter.  So give those a go to start with.

Then, have a think about your potential clients, or the people you’d really like to be aware of your website or your services.  Who are they?  How are they most likely to spend their time online?  Which of these techniques might reach them most easily; which might they respond to most readily?  It can help to visualise a real person, perhaps two or three different people, and imagine them using their computer (or mobile phone) – what they do regularly, what they look at, how they react.

And, if you need us, we at weblines are happy to advise on or act as your website team to implement any of these e-marketing activities.  We’ll give you regular reports and provide statistics to help measure the value of any e-marketing we undertake on your behalf.