New Website

There are two options for developing your website with Weblines.

Select a starter template

Select a Starter Site

A simple way to start, customisable to your requirements.

Select a starter site as a base to work from. Choose your colours, supply your wording, provide your logo (not essential, but nice if you have one). Layout is easily changed for your specific requirements.

See our set of starter templates.

Build from design

Build from Design

You have a design for a beautiful website from a graphic designer – now we just need to build it.

Provide the design (PDF format works well) and any images selected by your designer. We will build the site to your design. Future content additions are easy, using WordPress as a content manager.

Contact Weblines for an initial discussion and quote.

Which Approach to Choose

If you are starting out with a new website, the simplest approach can be to choose from a selection of pre-designed sites, which include layouts for a variety of standard pages, to suit most needs. Suggested content, along with visually appealing layouts and images, provide you with a starting point. Colours, styles, fonts and images can be customised to reflect your own style, and pages and sections can be added or removed as required.

Within a short timeframe, you can have a unique web presence, which you can easily edit and enhance, with our easy reference guide. Make a start here.

Some people know exactly how they want their website to look and behave. You may already be working with a graphic designer for your business or organisation (or perhaps you are a graphic designer yourself). We have much experience in translating designs into functional and beautiful websites. Contact Weblines to discuss your design.

What Else You Might Need

We can provide website hosting, or work with your existing hosting supplier, if you already have one.

If you need a domain name, we can help with that too.

Weblines’ charges are competitive and we aim to provide a high quality, professional service with a friendly face.

Contact us for a chat or a free quote.