Wide Alignment and Full Width

Examples of new alignment options introduced with the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg editor) – full-width and wide-alignment.

Long lines of text can be very hard to read and so, for screens larger than mobile devices, it is sensible to limit the content width, and standard text and most blocks are contained within those bounds.

Wide-alignment and Full-width then allow for interesting layout options.

Content Width

Wide Width

Full Width

Normal Width of Page Content

This text and the image below demonstrate the standard width of content on this page. 

Wide Aligned

Full Width

What Block Types Can Be Full or Wide-Aligned?

Assuming that your theme supports them, the new alignment options are offered for these standard blocks:-

  • Cover Image Block
  • Image Block
  • Gallery Block
  • Pullquote Block
  • Video Block
  • Table Block
  • Columns Block
  • Group/Row Block
  • Categories Block
  • Embed Block

A Wide-Aligned Table

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
Swiss Muesli with YoghurtBacon and EggsFrench croissant with strawberry jamEggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Full-Width Cover Image Block

Cover Image Block with Full Width Alignment Setting

Important Note

The full-width and wide-alignment options require that your theme explicitly supports them.  See Block Editor – Wide Alignment and Full-width Developer Aside for a deeper discussion on what is needed to support these alignment options.