A Learning Leap

Well, since last writing, I’ve dug more deeply into the WordPress code and the documentation and I’ve learned a few things…..

  • I’m using WordPress version 2.1
  • the Theme which first took my fancy, and which I’ve been learning with, uses the functions available in WordPress 1.2
  • most of the documentation applies to version 1.5 and later

That combination has cost me a few hours, to say the least.  I’ve been trying adapt my theme using guidelines described for v1.5 and above and they’ve not worked with my v1.2 theme!

When, in frustration, I changed back to the theme which comes as Default with WordPress 2.1 (also known as the Kubrick theme), I found that my adaptations worked well…. but then I could not change the header

Well, the header problem is now resolved and I now understand how to bring my v1.2 theme up to date, so that it then implements my adaptations successfully. 

My next question is which theme to use to move forward

  1. with my own site, and
  2. as a template I am comfortable with for future development work

A pleasant concern to have :)