Copy from Word into the Block Editor

Many people like to write their content using a familiar program, such as Word or other word processing software. They write and edit the text until it is correct and readable, and then copy from Word and paste into the post or page in the WordPress website.

This approach can be used with the Block Editor just as easily as with the Classic WordPress editor.

Copy/paste from Word into WordPress

Copy/Paste from Word in the Usual Way

Having written the content, you need only:-

  1. Create a new post or page within the website
  2. Select and copy the content from your Word document
  3. Then paste the content into the website page (using either Ctrl-V on Windows or Cmd-V on Mac, or right-click within the editing box to see the menu and choose Paste)

Format the Content after Copy/Pasting from Word

Paragraphs, links, bold, italic, lists, tables and other formatting choices are readily carried over into the website page and the Block Editor will honour the formatting. Even headings can transfer nicely if they have been properly formatted within Word (ie use of Word Heading styles rather than just larger font size).

However it is usually best not to do too much formatting within Word, but rather concentrate on the text, and do more complex layout formatting after pasting the text into the website page.

Concentrate on writing the text within Word.
Then do the formatting, add images and any complex layouts after pasting the text into the website.

Ensure Content is Readable Online

If the content has been written originally with a view to being read as a document, consider that people generally read online content differently. You can make content easier to read online by:-

  • Adding headings and subheadings
  • Using lists
  • Breaking up into bite-size chunks – short paragraphs and varied sentences
  • Including images, either to break up a lot of text, or ideally to add extra meaning

Images Cannot be Copied from Word

Images within a Word document won’t copy/paste. Any images in your original document will be ignored, as images must be accessible online in order to be included in your page.

So if writing content with Word, leave adding any images until after the content has been pasted into the website. Then upload any desired image to the website, and include it in the right place on your page.

Writing in the Block Editor v Copying from Word

The block editor makes it relatively easy to write content directly within WordPress. Formatting options – headings, lists, bold, italic, alignment, tables – are all readily available directly within the editor, alongside many other useful layout tools – inclusion of images, use of columns, quotes, colour.

For our introduction to the block editor, see Beginning with the Block Editor and Block Editor – Text and Formatting. Or read more about Page Layout with the Block Editor.

Do you still need to write your content in Word?
Writing directly in the Block Editor is a pleasant experience, with formatting and layout tools readily at hand.