Early next steps

A few things I want to test and do on this website:

  1. Edit the templates – single, archive, category, post(?) to make the layout more like I want. In particular, I want to remove references to comments and “posted by” and just show which category something is in (and also, perhaps, date and time).  Done, for now
  2. Change the style so that my home page styles are independent. Then I can change the post header styles a little to make up for the fact that I’ve removed the comment line from the heading. In progress
  3. Get that Blog experiment page working.
  4. Improve the Home page, including showing only 1 recent update. In progress
  5. Add more light-hearted stuff to About. In progress
  6. Set up a template specifically for the Growing a Website category, which shows items in date order (oldest first) rather than reverse date order (newest first). Done
  7. Get Search working. Done
  8. Work on logo/header. In progress