Growing a website – day 2

Next I want to make the pages look a little more like a typical website and less like a blog.  To do this, I first need to find my way around WordPress a bit more.

I want to get rid of Comments as a general rule.  Go into Options…Discussion… and set the default to “Comments off”.  Also uncheck the Website checking option for comments which makes posting take longer.

In Options…Permalinks… you can change the Permalink format to something more meaningful than the default. /%category%/%postname%/ looks good.

What is this Meta section which appears on all the pages?  I don’t think I want to make this available to everyone.  Is there an easy way to switch it off or will I have to start tailoring the code?

Explore more of the documentation – understanding Templates and Themes looks like the place to start.

And I might start by editing the About page and including a personal Header.  Hey, Kubrickr is a handy tool if you just want to swap the header image to something different!

Time: 3 hours