More about Writing

There are a few other things which are handy to know when writing items.

Copy and Paste 

If you have already composed the article in another format, a Word document perhaps, it is possible to copy and paste into the Write Post input box.  Copy from the source document, then click in the input box and use the Ctrl-V keys (in Windows) to Paste in your text.  Note that any pictures won’t transfer.  You may also get unexpected formatting resulting from what has been transferred, so make sure you Preview» the item and clean it up if necessary.  

Including Links

It can be handy to link to other pages within your website or to other, external, websites.  Select the text which you want to make into a link and click on the anchor icon.  This will open up a little dialog box where you can type or paste in the link destination.   

An Excerpt

Below the Input box and File Upload sections of the Write Post page, there is a section named Optional Excerpt.  This is available for you to enter a brief summary of your item.  It can then be used on other pages, such as Archive pages, to give readers an idea of the content of the item, before the click on the full content.  If an Optional Excerpt does not exist, the first words of the content itself will be used for this purpose instead.