Website Page Layout Helper Blocks

There are several minor blocks which can be very helpful in enhancing layouts, or meeting specific layout needs. I call these the Layout Helper Blocks. These are:-

  • More
  • Page Break
  • Separator
  • Spacer

They can be found in the Design section of blocks, or search for the desired block.

See here for the main page layout blocks.

block editor layout blocks - columns, group, row, stack

Layout Helper Blocks

The Helper blocks – Spacer, Separator, Page Break and More – are explored below.

Spacer block

The Spacer block inserts a blank space between blocks – useful for adding white space for readability.

The spacer block – <div> with class wp-block-spacer – is 100px tall by default, and that value can be increased or decreased as desired.

Generally, paragraphs, headings and other blocks have a default margin, to space out content, and margins and padding can be changed on a per block basis. However there are times when it is useful to add a specific amount of space in a particular location, and the spacer block meets that need.

A spacer block has been added here, before the next heading.

Separator block

The Separator block is a simple line, tag <hr>, with the default margin and some optional styles. Colour and margin can be changed, if desired. Typically available styles are Default, Wide and Dots.




Page Break block

Follow the page number links below, to see how the Page Break block works.

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