Adding a Photo Gallery in WordPress

for WordPress Version 3.5 or later.

A gallery is a set of images displayed in a post or page as thumbnails, which you can click on to display a larger image.  Including a gallery is a very simple process in WordPress and WordPress 3.5 brings a lot of control and versatility.

Here’s my sample gallery

Here’s how to include a gallery into a page or post.

1. Position the Cursor

You can have text above or below your gallery, so before inserting your gallery, position your cursor where you want the gallery to appear.

2. Choose your Images

Now click on the Add Media icon above the post edit box.

Add Media icon

Click on Create Gallery in the left-hand menu of the media box, then either upload new images or select from the existing media library.

Create a wordpress gallery

Click on each image that you want to include in the gallery on this page (selected images are indicated by a tick).

Once you have chosen all of the images for the gallery, click on the Create a new gallery button.

3. Edit the Gallery Settings and click Insert Gallery


Now you can choose the order for your images and other gallery settings. The “Link to” field is where you decide what you want to display when people click on a thumbnail – either an “attachment page” (like the other pages on your website but with a single image displayed on it) or just the larger image (JPEG file) itself.

Click on the Insert Gallery button to add the gallery to your post or page.