Embedding Content

This is cute – just by including the link on a new line in the WordPress editor, I can embed a nice little extract of a post or page from my own site.

How to Schedule Posts in the Future

And I can embed a similar extract from any other WordPress site.

What is “Shop Your Wardrobe”?

Changing the Look

I can define the icon which is used when I (or other people) embed content from my site. See my little green W! Go to Appearance… Customize… Site Identity and upload a Site Icon.

And it’s possible to tailor the look of any embeds which I display on this site, by using specific theme templates.  I haven’t done that yet, this is just the default look.

What If I Don’t Want My Content All Over the Web?

Worried about your content appearing on other websites?  There’s a simple plugin which disables this feature –https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-embeds/.